FREE LIVE BOOTCAMP: Presented by Lani Dickinson - High Ticket Client Attraction



Discover how to rapidly scale your expert business to consistent HIGH 5-figure months without non-stop working or guesswork!

  • Create a scaleable high-ticket offer your dream clients can't refuse!

  • Get out of non-stop client-finding & exhausting service delivery models!

  • Elevate your brand and marketing to attract ideal, high-end clients who are ready to sign-up with you NOW!

  • Overcome challenges & mindset blocks so you can stay motivated and keep executing even when it's hard and even on the bad days!

This FREE bootcamp will be held...

MAY 31 - JUNE 3

What would your life look like if you were able to 10x your revenue now?

Whether you’VE GOT A BUSINESS OR A SIDE HUSTLE YOU WANT TO SCALE & LEAVE YOUR 9-5, I’m teaching the strategies needed to:

Structure a unique scaleable high-ticket business foundation

Life changer #1

Master overcoming objections before they come up so your ideal client can easily say "YES" to you with urgency

Life Changer #2

Discover where all your ideal High Ticket clients are hiding & know just what to say & do to magnetize them to you

Life Changer #3

Finally, have a plan to scale your business by multiple 6-figure leaps NOW!

Lani Dickinson

Fortune 175 CEO & Entrepreneur, Coach,

Author & And Speaker Of Over A Decade

MEET your host

Hiya, I'm Lani.

I am a nurse, an MBA, a former Fortune 175 CEO, a serial entrepreneur and a women’s business coach.

I'm the daughter of a street drug dealer and had to overcome all that goes with that to be able to achieve a million in savings, more than a million in real estate assets, and a million in her full time entrepreneurial debut after 25 years in the corporate golden handcuffs side hustle juggle.

As an NLP master I am peerless in helping others transform beliefs and get results despite the stories of the past.

I'm obsessed with helping woman entrepreneurs, and corporate hostages and refugees NEVER have to rely on a corporation, job, boss, or someone else to pay the bills.

I am relentless in helping them more easily build and scale businesses online so they can make their impact and get both time freedom & financial freedom and build generational wealth without missing moments that matters.

I live in the world of possibilities turned into executable strategies with a side of woo.  (All woo won’t get you where you’re going,  ignoring the woo keeps you stuck.)


Disclaimer - This bootcamp is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to growing your online coaching, consulting or infoproduct business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the Challenge, a program will be offered for purchase.


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